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PlutoGrid has default shortcut keys set, and users can change or set shortcut keys.

Shortcut Range

The scope of the shortcut depends on the focus.

  • PlutoGrid : In the state that TextField is not focused. You can set custom shortcut keys.
  • TextField : In case the cell in edit state or TextField of column filtering is focused. You cannot set custom shortcut keys.

Customizable shortcuts in the PlutoGrid range

  • ArrowKeys: Moves the focus of the current cell up, down, left and right.
  • Shift + ArrowKeys : Moves a cell or row up, down, left and right to select.
  • PageUp/Down : Moves the focus of the current cell up and down by page unit.
  • Shift + PageUp/Down : Moves cells or rows up and down and selects in units of pages.
  • Alt + PageUp/Down : Moves the current page when pagination is enabled.
  • Tab or Shift + Tab : Moves the focus of the current cell to the left or right. If you hit the left and right ends, set PlutoGridConfiguration.tabKeyAction to moveToNextOnEdge to continue moving.
  • Enter or Shift + Enter : Sets the current cell to edit state or calls the PlutoGrid.onSelected callback if PlutoGird is in selection mode. Additional actions can be set with PlutoGridConfiguration.enterKeyAction.
  • Escape: When PlutoGird is in selection mode, PlutoGrid.onSelected is called with PlutoGridOnSelectedEvent containing a null value which means cancel the selection. In the non-selection mode, the edit state of the cell is canceled.
  • Home or End: Moves the focus of the current cell to the left and right ends.
  • Control + Home/End : Moves the focus of the current cell up and down.
  • Shift + Home/End : Select cells all the way to the left or right.
  • Control + Shift + Home/End : Select a cell or row all the way up, down, left, and right.
  • F2 : Set the cell to the edit state. In case of date, time, or selection type column, the popup is called.
  • F3 : If the current cell is in the focused state, the focus moves to the column filter of the current cell. This function is valid only when column filter is enabled with PlutoGridStateManager.setShowColumnFilter. If the F3 key is pressed once again while the focus is moved to the column filter, the column filter pop-up is called. Also, if you press the Escape key in the column filter focus, the focus is moved to the cell before moving.
  • F4 : Toggles column sorting. Only valid if PlutoColumn.enableSorting is enabled.
  • Control + C : Copies the values ​​of the current cell or row or the selected cell or row to the clipboard.
  • Control + V : Paste values ​​into the current cell or row or the selected cell or row.
  • Control + A : Select all cells or rows.

How to set custom shortcut keys

  configuration: PlutoGridConfiguration(
    shortcut: PlutoGridShortcut(
      actions: {
        // This is a Map with basic shortcut keys and actions set.
        // You can override the enter key behavior as below.
        LogicalKeySet(LogicalKeyboardKey.enter): CustomEnterKeyAction(),

// Create a new class that inherits from PlutoGridShortcutAction
// If the execute method is implemented, 
// the implemented method is executed when the enter key is pressed.
class CustomEnterKeyAction extends PlutoGridShortcutAction {
  void execute({
    required PlutoKeyManagerEvent keyEvent,
    required PlutoGridStateManager stateManager,
  }) {
    print('Pressed enter key.');

If you have any questions or need to add features, please register on GitHub. PlutoGrid Github